Construction Tuts

Construction Industry Overview

Construction industry is an important industry worldwide. The construction industry generally defined as a sector of the economy. The Industry is playing an important role in economic growth of the country, but it faces many challenges currently that lead to affect project goal and steady growth of the economy.

Construction is a high hazard industry which comprises a wide range of activities involving plans, design, constructs, alteration, maintains, repairs and eventually demolishes of buildings, civil engineering works, mechanical and electrical engineering and other similar works.

Construction is always complex that make industry susceptible to disputes, delays and cost exceeding. The construction industry has characteristics that separately are share by other industries but in combination appear in construction alone (Hillebrandt, 1984)

Parties and Stakeholders includes in the Construction Sector

Construction Industry Categories

The industry divided into three categories terms of works.

  1. Building Construction – Including construction of residential, farm, industrial, commercial, or other buildings.
  2. Infrastructure Construction – Heavy construction such as highways and roads, bridges, sewers, railways, irrigation projects, flood control projects and marine construction.
  3. Special Trade Construction – This includes projects such as electrical work, plumbing, fittings, paintings etc.

Importance of the Construction Industry

The importance of the construction industry in the economy of any country derives from the following factors.

SWOT Analysis on Construction Industry





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