Construction Contract

Extra Work in Construction Contracts (The Quantum Meruit claim)

Extra Work in Construction Contracts (The Quantum Meruit claim)

The construction industry caters to the need for buildings, infrastructure, and industrial facilities arising globally. From planning to execution and finally closure, a construction project includes a myriad of activities to build an asset. These activities involve the development of a new building, expansion, or extension of an existing establishment and/or repair work. Thus, the …

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Construction Procurement Steps

Construction Procurement

One of the most needed processes for a proper construction plan and execution is construction procurement. Something is essential for the entire construction projects. To fully understand construction procurement, one must go over the definition of procurement itself, what construction procurement is, and what procurement management is. Understanding all of these factors will lead to …

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Construction Bid Evaluation Report

A construction bid evaluation report with the award recommendation must be prepared. The bid evaluation report should reflect the logical sequence of the bid evaluation process in the following manner: Receipt and opening of bids Examination of bids Substantially nonresponsive bids Correction of arithmetic errors Currency conversion Adjustment for nonmaterial deviations Bids subject to detailed …

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Types of Payment Certificates in Construction

A construction project involves many various parties such as funder, employers, main contractors, subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, and suppliers. Payment processing is vitally important and difficult between participating parties so there are many different payment arrangements used during construction projects. Payment Certificates result in payment being made by the client to the contractor. Generally, payment certificates can …

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Variations in Construction Contracts

The construction industry is dynamic because of the ever-changing demands of the clientele. The industry is divided into a large number of diversified branches involving cross-integration with a number of other disciplines. Any given construction project, be it big or small, involves complex information, comprehensive arrangements, and collaborations within a number of parties.  This adversarial …

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