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    Excel Based Construction Estimating Software

    Using estimating software is the easiest way to calculate construction when you need to complete the construction period in a short frame of time. Some companies use pre-designed excel-based applications for their projects, and some use professional estimating software. If you are a small construction firm, working as a self-employed estimator, or even a student, […] More

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    Quantity Surveyor Roles in the SIX Construction Stages

    A quantity surveyor plays a crucial range of roles in almost every construction process. Whether it is a large infrastructure project or small building construction work, the QS has a broad scope of duties and responsibilities in the construction phases.  The following are the roles of the quantity surveyor in each of these stages as follows. 1. […] More

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    World of the Green Building Initiative: A Rising Trajectory

    Green building, as a concept has been in existence for some time now. With the emergence of the sustainability movement with its increased momentum, Green Buildings have become a hot topic of discussion. However, Green Building is not to be confused with a natural building. Natural buildings are predominantly smaller in scale, and usually make […] More

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    Extra Work in Construction Contracts (The Quantum Meruit claim)

    The construction industry caters to the need for buildings, infrastructure, and industrial facilities arising globally. From planning to execution and finally closure, a construction project includes a myriad of activities to build an asset. These activities involve the development of a new building, expansion, or extension of an existing establishment and/or repair work. Thus, the […] More

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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Shotcrete

    There are many variables to consider when choosing a concrete application method, such as durability, cost, ease of use and resistance. There is no one method superior to the rest, which is why evaluating the pros and cons of every option is necessary to selecting which would best suit an individual construction project’s needs.  One […] More

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    Eco-friendly Building Materials for House Construction

    It is more imperative now than ever to cut down our energy consumption and ensure our homes and buildings use more eco-friendly building materials. Do you know? Most eco-friendly building materials are reusable, avoiding negative impacts on the environment, even after their end-of-life. It will pay huge dividends to use environmentally friendly materials because it: […] More

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    12 Biggest Construction Companies in the World

    Since the development of manufacturing processes in the late 1700s, construction companies have become vital in the process of developing cities, towns, and villages.  Because of the vast need for construction in general, there are a ton of construction companies in the world. Some of which are small enough for a local city or village, […] More

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    Construction Procurement

    One of the most needed processes for a proper construction plan and execution is construction procurement. Something is essential for the entire construction projects. To fully understand construction procurement, one must go over the definition of procurement itself, what construction procurement is, and what procurement management is. Understanding all of these factors will lead to […] More

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