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    Provisional Sums

    Provisional sums are included in bills of quantities for items of work which cannot be fully described or measured in accordance with the rules of the method of measurement at the time of tender. For work measured under the rules of SMM7. where these details cannot be supplied, the work is classified as undefined and the contractor […] More

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    Cube Method Estimating

    The cube method estimating is a single rate method of estimating based on the cubic content of a building. Cost per cubic metre method is specific for building projects and aims to overcome the current criticism floor area method that does not take into account possible variations of the storey height. The building volume method […] More

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    Storey Enclosure Method Estimating

    Storey enclosure method is a single rate method estimating, this method has largely unused in practice. It measures the area of external walls, floors and roof areas (effectively enclosing the building) and multiplying them by an appropriate weighting factor. Take into account of the difference in plan shape total floor area, the vertical position of the floors, overall height, storey […] More

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    Superficial Floor Area Method Estimating

    Superficial area method is the most popular preliminary estimating method. Floor area method of estimating facilities costs is frequently used in building and residential home construction. This method is an approximate cost obtained by using an estimated price for each unit of gross floor area. The main reason for the popularity of the area method is its […] More

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    Unit Method Estimating

    The unit method estimating consists of choosing a standard unit of accommodation and multiplying an approximate cost per unit. Estimate the building cost base on the depends on the population unit. Unit Method Estimate = Standard units of accommodation x Cost/Unit The unit cost method of estimation is used for project design estimates and bid estimates. The cost […] More

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    Type of Estimates

    The quantity surveyor, civil engineer or project manager use different methods of estimating in the early stages of cost planning. It depends on reliable historical cost data whereas an analytical approach to estimating is based on applying current prices for resources to a well-developed design. A contractor may use a combination of estimating methods in […] More