Top 5 Trends for the Construction Industry in 2017

Analysts predicting 2017 can be another challenging year for the construction sectors. Construction experts are optimistic about what dominating the industry this year. The construction industry is evolving and changing into a fast-paced business keeping up with new technology and finding the solution to labour shortages. However, many professionals hope that will bring strong demand and booming building and construction business.
During 2017, technology and labour markets are keeping an influential role within the industry. It might effect on project schedules, budgets and project outputs.

1. Sustainability

Green building will grow in commercial and residential sectors. Using recycling materials, repurposing material, and using renewable energy as the sustainability industry keeps gaining momentum.

2. Prefab/offsite construction methods will become more popular.

Offsite construction also known as prefabricated or modular. Prefabricated construction method is gaining ground as an alternative building method that offers the benefits of reduced construction time, less waste and possible cost savings.

3. BIM will become a necessity, and owner interest in the technology will grow

Building Information Modeling has been a growing trend for years, as it is no longer relegated to just the largest firms. Experts have said BIM provides tangible business benefits, no matter the level of implementation.


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