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Duties and Responsibilities of Safety Officer in Construction Field

Construction sites are most susceptible to accidents. Health and safety officer help you manage this process and identify and minimize risks, remove avoidable costs and improve construction project performance.

Construction safety is the first thing to considerations while planning a construction project. There are a lot of health and safety laws, rules and regulations in each country. A construction safety officers establish policies and safety regulations for construction workers.

Hiring a construction safety officer will help you maintain company reputation and goodwill in the market and they handle emergencies or contingencies. It is the easiest and systematic way of safeguarding your workforce and business.

The Safety Officer conducts on-site inspections, audits and assessments of facilities, work locations, equipment, work practices and hazardous chemicals/substances to ensure compliance with operating rules and regulations.

A construction safety officer can be responsible for the following duties:

  • Inspects the site to ensure it is a hazard-free environment.
  • Conducts toolbox meetings
  • Is part of the project safety council and leads all efforts to enhance safety
  • The safety officer reviews and approves all subcontractors safety plans
  • Verifies that injury logs and reports are completed and submitted to related government agencies
  • Verifies that all tools and equipment are adequate and safe for use.
  • Promotes safe practices at the job site.
  • Enforces safety guidelines.
  • Trains and carries out drills and exercises on how to manage emergency situations.
  • Conducts investigations of all accidents and near-misses.
  • Reports to concerned authorities as requested or mandated by regulations.
  • Conducts job hazard analyses.
  • Establishes safety standards and policies as needed.
  • Performs emergency response drills.
  • Watches out for the safety of all workers and works to protect them from entering hazardous situations.
  • Responds to employees’ safety concerns.
  • Coordinates registration and removal of hazardous waste.
  • Serves as the link between state and local agencies and contractors.
  • Receives reports from and responds to orders issued by Department of Labor inspectors.
  • Arranges for OSHA mandated testing and/or evaluations of the workplace by external agencies/consultants.

construction safety officer Safety instructions at construction site in China

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Safety instructions at the construction site in China

Construction Safety Officer Job Description

Sample Job Summary
Manages Corporate Safety programs across the Carolinas HealthCare System (CHS) facilities; serves as a technical resource and subject matter expert for facility leadership teams and teammates; coordinates organizational activities and programs to assist in regulatory and organizational compliance; improves safety programs and teamwork within the facility and organization.

  • Participate in Construction Team meetings and plan, implement, manage, and maintain comprehensive H&S programs at project site locations.
  • Provide Project Management Team and subcontractors with guidance on H&S requirements and confirm project site fulfills Company, industry, and regulatory guidelines and requirements.
  • Collaborate with Safety and Project Management Teams to develop Site-Specific Safety Plans and Job Hazard Analysis (JHAs) for submittals and project tasks.
  • Review subcontractor Safety Plans and JHAs for suitability and conformance to project safety expectations.
  • Develop and conduct site orientation and other training, lead health and safety meetings, audits, and inspections to evaluate safety performance of site personnel, including subcontractors.
  • Collaborate in developing and implementing traffic control plans as necessary for projects.
  • Maintain open lines of communication with Safety and Project Management Teams on project status and prepare reports as necessary.
  • Serve as primary contact for project site incident and injury notification, investigation, and follow-up.
  • Organize and maintain necessary project safety documentation.