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    Components of Green Building – Sustainable Building Design

    Sustainable building is becoming increasingly important as more nations begin to have the capability to build on a larger scale and as environmental initiatives, grants, and regulations are put in place. The EPA lists components of green building as the following: energy efficiency and renewable energy, water efficiency, environmentally friendly materials, waste reduction, lowering toxics, […] More

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    Life Cycle Costing in Construction

    One of the most important aspects of a construction company is a life cycle costing that is used by every business to outline the costs that lay ahead of them fully. To understand this, it’s important to go over what a life cycle cost is, the benefits of life cycle costing, and what a building’s […] More

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    12 Construction Management Skills That You Don’t Have It

    Having management skills helps you employable readily in any field. But, in the construction industry, you must have excellent management skills to succeed in the project goal.  There is a massive amount of money, human resources and different types of equipment involved in a construction project within a short period. Hence, not only construction managers […] More

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    Types of Civil Engineers – Civil Engineering Modern Challenges

    Civil engineering is a career that is becoming increasingly important as demands for improved infrastructure, green initiatives, and efficient forms of building and traveling emerge.  With this increased pressure for civil engineers to innovate and continue positive growth comes an increase in specialization and disciplines that fall under the umbrella of civil engineering.  As a […] More

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    Sustainable Construction Overview

    What is sustainable construction? Sustainable construction is the process of constructing structures while being environmentally conscious of the material, design, process, and sustainability of the structure and the effect it has on the environment. In simple terms, it’s the process of creating structures in an environmentally friendly way. Companies factor in the design, material, longevity, […] More

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    8 Highly Demanded Construction Jobs for 2020

    According to the United States Bureau of Labor, the construction industry has been predicted to experience 11% growth between 2016 and 2026. This increase is anticipated to contribute 750,000 employment opportunities to the industry, which is higher than the average for every other occupation. Multiple positions are indicated to be in high demand among the […] More

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    Materials Used in Building Construction

    In this post, we’re going to list of materials used in building construction. Building materials are basically divided into natural materials and synthetic materials. Natural building material means. The materials made from natural products like clay, sand, and rocks are natural building materials. Synthetic Building Material means. Building materials modified in industries. Materials that have […] More

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    Dream Home Overlooks Sarasota Bay – SeaThru House

    A dream home with stunning interiors and exterior has designed by Sweet Sparkman Architects in Sarasota, Florida, that overlooks Sarasota Bay. SeaThru house has a beautifully landscaped courtyard with stone, lawn, small tree and dark limestone walls. The home also built with back yard swimming pool and deck for relaxing. Elegant and spacious interiors built with […] More

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