8 Highly Demanded Construction Jobs

8 Highly Demanded Construction Jobs

According to the United States Bureau of Labor, the construction industry has been predicted to experience 11% growth between 2016 and 2026. This increase is anticipated to contribute 750,000 employment opportunities to the industry, which is higher than the average for every other occupation. Multiple positions are indicated to be in high demand among the particular categories of trades and jobs that will be experiencing the growth. Here is a list of the most demanded construction jobs.

The Most Demanded Construction Jobs

1. Cost Estimator/Quantity Surveyor

The difference between Cost Estimator and Quantity Surveyor is only a name, but jobs do by both professionals are the same. If you are living in the USA and Canada, they call Construction Cost Estimator or Construction Cost Estimating. 

If you study in the UK, Australia, Ireland, Middle East, South Africa, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and India, you familiar with the terms Quantity Surveyor or Quantity Surveying.

Manual labor or skills is not required in each of the construction jobs available, which implies that there are still many rewarding employment opportunities in the construction industry if you are not the physical type.

A Quantity Surveyor or cost estimator is among the nonphysical, popular demand and highly rewarding employment opportunities as proper estimations are always in high demand. Many employers are only after a specific level of education, experience as well as the capacity to utilize up to date estimation tools before they can be considered for the job. However, individuals with previous successful records with finance and budgeting can have a quick start in this field.

2. Construction Manager

This field is among the highest-paid ones in the industry. The majority of construction managers usually end up pulling in a decent six-figure income with just a few years in the industry and it is always in high demand.

There would be a major increase in the demand for professional construction managers as a result of government contracts alone, which will require sound administration that will guarantee that projects are operating within the specified timeframe and budget.

3. BIM Technician

BIM Technician jobs are evolving in recent times. As a BIM technician, they are responsible for handling IT technology to give an accurate representation of a building or other infrastructure projects. 

Average BIM Technician Salary in the United Kingdom

  • Newly trained – £25,000 – £30,000
  • With experience – £30,000 – £50,000
  • Senior or Chartered – £45,000 – £60,000

4. Plumber

Several elements usually trigger the demand for plumbers in the construction industry, especially the recent development of new buildings that have started and predicted to continually increase in the next few years.

Plumbers with the capacity to renovate old systems are also in high demand as well as being able to substitute them with low flow and highly functional systems. Recently, it has been discovered that numerous plumbers are now retiring as a result of the generation of Baby Boomer beginning to actively leave the labor pool.

5. Glazier

Employment such as glazier is for individuals who can physically boast of not being afraid of heights. The responsibilities of glaziers are the installation of storefronts, cutting and fixing of windows and skylights.

These tasks also involve the sealing, securing and removal of glasses from every possible area and height. This job is always in constant demand as a result of its potentially risky nature, although learning this job is very easy.

6. Cement Mason and Concrete Finisher

Ideally, the foundation of a successful construction project is established by finishers and masons. They utilize several supporting materials like the rebar which they pour, and level the mixtures of cement and then ensure the solidification of the material.

Sealants are then included to guarantee a solid and dependable foundation in which the structure is built. This role is very crucial and it also requires several professionals that will complete the work. This is the main reason this job is in high demand, which also requires several years of training and learning to properly handle.

7. Painter

Experienced painters are usually sought after. This is one category that can offer low-level experienced individuals with a better offer and a permanent position.

This employment isn’t among the most rewarding, but low-level roles usually demand less experience or skillset and a more professional hand, and numerous painters are usually required for large projects for quick completion. Some firms also provide training programs to individuals who intend to make painting their primary profession.

8. Construction Worker

One of the most sought after and constantly demanded jobs in the construction industry is the general construction laborer or worker.

This is an excellent low-level position that requires minimal training or experience and allows workers to start right from the ground in an industry with opportunity for genuine growth and to enhance their experience, expertise, and position. This employment opportunity in the construction industry is and will always be in high demand.


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