Sustainable Construction Overview


What is sustainable construction? Sustainable construction is the process of constructing structures while being environmentally conscious of the material, design, process, and sustainability of the structure and the effect it has on the environment. In simple terms, it’s the process of creating structures in an environmentally friendly way.

Companies factor in the design, material, longevity, and future deconstruction as the main aspects to look at when thinking about the subject. Pulling all of these factors together allow companies to determine what is the best step for certain structures. Determining what is “allowed”, and what may deem “unacceptable”.

When did it begin?

The history of sustainable construction isn’t a long one. Since people in the world just recently started becoming environmentally aware, it hasn’t been around for thousands of years. Green structures were first thought of during the 1970s after the environment become a topic of movements throughout the world.

However, it wasn’t until the 1990s when the general knowledge of this type of construction made it into the mainstream. Demonstrating how this has really only been around for less than thirty years.

The Basic Sustainable Practices in Buildings

These are the six fundamental principles that need to follow in sustainable building design. 

  1. Optimizing site potential
  2. Sustainable energy use in buildings
  3. Protect and conserve water
  4. Optimizing material usage and building space
  5. Effective operational and maintenance practices
  6. Enhancing indoor environmental quality (IEQ)
Fundamental Sustainable Practices in Buildings

What are some of the Challenges Sustainable Construction Facing?

Just like anything else involving the environment, there are people who are skeptical and view anything in this subject as a waste of time. Most of these people are fueled by business and would rather see the maximization of their business, instead of the proper implementation of a sustainable construction.

The lack of environmental awareness is a key factor in this. However, some countries are different than others. Meaning that a lot of countries who are environmentally aware don’t face a lot of opposition in their pursuit toward a greener planet. While countries that have more environmentally illiterate people in power, tend to ignore the future threats while facing the environment.

Besides awareness, lack of supply and cost play a major challenge toward this entire subject. Countries who might lack pro-green building materials may have a difficult time completing an environmentally friendly structure. Meaning that the initial fear of spending money to do this is enough fear for people to not want to do it.

However, with any challenge comes evidence to support the initial theory in the first place. Meaning that in order to fully implement this, people need to fully convey all of the overwhelming evidence on why it’s important to do despite any opposition.

Why is Sustainable Construction Important?

As noted, there are a plethora of reasons as to why sustainable construction is important. The main one being the positive effect it has on the environment.

From energy consumption to co2 emissions, normal construction is horrible for the environment. A lot of the machines used in normal construction rely on fossil fuels, and the material used in the structures is often made from unsafe and harmful materials. Meaning that on the whole, normal construction devastates the environment. 

On the other end, sustainable construction is the answer to the negative effects normal construction has.

sustainable strategy in building
sustainable strategy

What are the Main Benefits of Sustainable Construction?

If anyone doubts the positive benefits of sustainable construction, it’s important to note all of the positive factors behind it. Such as how it’s actually more affordable over time, environmentally friendly, the idea of sustainability, and how it’s an expanding market.

More Affordable Over Time

Despite the initial fear of having to use pro-green material for a structure, the truth is a “green building” uses fewer resources than a normal structure does because it doesn’t require as many resources to complete the project. Meaning that once sustainable construction is fully implemented, companies will actually save money over time.

On top of that, the value of a structure increases if it’s a sustainable structure. Making it a must for companies to do. 

Environmental Benefits

Waste minimization and the better use of materials are the main factors as to why sustainable construction has a lot of environmental benefits. Meaning that companies understand how structures can be made without furthering co2 emissions and without misusing material.

The environment is what we live in. No matter how big or how much we can ignore it, we live on a planet that deserves to be treated right. The environmental benefit behind sustainable construction is one step in the right direction behind being a healthier and pro-green society.

Promoting the Idea of Sustainability

The idea of sustainability is relatively new and thought about concept. Instead of mishandling and building structure after structure, the idea of creating a pro-green place is a positive notion.

Fully implementing a sustainable structure will promote people in the area to take the step forward too. Meaning that supporting something like this will lead to a positive impact on people’s decisions around you.

It’s an Expanding Market

Since this subject is a relatively new one, it’s an expanding market. Meaning that the full potential and value of it is nowhere near its peak. 

Older models of construction are becoming ways of the past, and in order for businesses to stay relevant, they need to pursue growing markets. Sustainable construction is an expanding market that has unbelievable potential. 

Besides the potential of the market, it has room for innovation. Since it’s such a new field, companies can come up with new and exciting ways to implement it, which could lead to a groundbreaking innovation. Thus causing the market to be an attractive one for people to want.

Sustainable Structures have a Positive Impact on People

Since sustainable structures rely on more natural lighting, better architecture, and modern interior design, people who work in sustainable structures tend to receive a positive impact from it. Meaning that they work in a building that is more suited for a happy and joyful day. Leading to better work performances from employees.


Sustainable construction is the way of the future. In the construction industry, companies around the world understand and will pursue it despite any opposition it may face. The case opposed to sustainable construction isn’t a good one. In simple terms, it’s like if someone tried to make the argument for being pro-polluting, which is something that no one would ever agree with.

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