Types of Quantity Surveyors

If you are looking for the types of quantity surveyors, then you have come to the right place. A professional quantity surveyor works between the contractor and the client on a project.

The professional quantity surveyor consists of private practices quantity surveyors who shares his honest opinion and advises the clients while working with an organization. PPQS also determines the total cost of the project based on the quantity of the material to use.

It is also worthy of mentioning here that he is always in close contact with the client and architects. Similar, contractor’s quantity surveyor that perform his duties with different projects of the same contractor.

Types of Quantity Surveyors

Following are the types of quantity surveyors.

1. Consultant / Client Quantity Surveyor or PQS

Professional quantity surveyor, aka PQS does his job related to the client’s cost and shows managerial skills in the building process. One of the notable peculiarities of PQS is to estimate construction cost before its design. These people share their thought from time to time with the client.

These are one of the most renowned quantity surveyors, and they perform multiple jobs such as cost estimating, value management, cost planning, cost-benefit analysis, life cycle costing, valuation, dispute resolution and feasibility studies.

In most of the cases, quantity surveyors have full knowledge on the construction cost by considering various factors such as knowledge of cost price, work price, labour cost, plant requirements as well as the material cost. All these factors then help the quantity surveyors to arrange as well as the advice the client and employees accordingly.

2. Contractor’s Quantity Surveyor / Construction Estimator / QS

A QS works under the main contractor company in both construction and post-construction stages.  A contractor quantity surveyor does many works aside cost estimation. He does estimation, administration, planning, project management and regular checking of the projects.

He is also responsible for the performance of the various work and operation, just like a practice quantity surveyor that include the cost of the building project as well as the estimation of the work.

You need to keep in mind that this part of the work is specifically done by the sub-contractor, which he reports to the contractor’s QS. It is also said that the role of the contractor quantity surveyor will increase to other matters such as cash flows and payments.

Quantity surveyors have such unique talents that are admired on the various job position. In other words, these guys can apply for various types of job positions such as international surveyors, senior cost estimator, cost engineer, estimating engineer, and logistics specialists. Quantity surveyors can apply among these field of engineering.

Senior Quantity Surveyor

As the name suggests, this is the most senior quantity surveyor. He is the person who is completely responsible for the team and leads the team on a project as well. He reports to surveying firm on a daily basis.

Mechanical and Electrical Quantity Surveyor (M&E Qs)

These quantity surveyors don’t take part in many activities of the project as they only play their vital role in electrical and mechanical quantity surveying only.

Sub Trade QS

These quantity surveyors have specialization in a particular industry such as mechanical services or plumbing, and they are quite efficient in their workspace. These experts directly work for a sub-contract company.

They can perform limited works, but if you think that you want timber works, then you may be wrong. These are highly professional in their specific field, and this is the reason that sub-trade quantity surveyors are hard to find.

Backyard QS / Self-employed QS / Freelance Quantity Surveyor

These quantity surveyors are worthy of being respected by all. These people own a small office or a room in their homes to help out small and medium-sized enterprises. Backyard QS are expert in residential pricing, and they are in the business for quite a long time. These people are always busy while doing their jobs for the SME builders.

If you are hiring a freelance quantity surveyor or small QS firm always check for professional indemnity insurance and membership in professional bodies in your country.

Job Opportunities for Quantity Surveyors

When it comes to job opportunities, then you will be happy to know that job opportunities will always be there for quantity surveyors in governmental, law, construction advisory, construction, and architecture firms.

Quantity surveyors can apply in these firms to make their mark in the world. A project or firm always seeks qualified quantity surveyors who have expertise in quantity and cost estimation. This is how quantity surveyors are under the radar of the various companies and agencies owing to the extensive demand of these specialists.

No one can deny the unique skills that the quantity surveyors possess. Their expertise is well admired in the field, and they will be needed in the future as well. These experts are good advisers in a project, as mentioned earlier that both construction and law firm show their keen interest in hiring these personals.

If you study a degree in quantity surveying, it will ensure a bright future and multiple opportunities as well. So, a degree in this field will help you a lot to be successful in the world.

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