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10 Best Construction Management Books

10 Best Construction Management Books

If you want to become the best construction manager, you must have in-depth knowledge in the construction industry. Construction management (CM) process is very complicated. Being a construction manager is an exciting and also challenging job. So, construction managers always adopt new technology and skills because the construction industry is constantly evolving.

As a construction project manager, you must have the knowledge, experience, expertise in civil engineering fundamentals to leadership. You also need to know not only building codes but also external factors like local laws, technological changes, social and environmental issues.

In a typical construction project, hundreds of labors and professionals involved in finishing the project. So, the construction manager needs to organize all involving parties under one direction of the goal. CM has to keep up to date construction process every step and use the latest and old management strategies.

Reading good construction books gives you knowledge and ideas to solve the problems at the construction site. You can find many ebooks online. Here, in this post, I will share with you some of the very good construction management books for your reading. These books are available in paper hand pack, eTextbook pdf format, so you can download and read on the mobile redder app.

1. Construction Project Manager’s Pocket Book

As I said before, a construction project manager requires a broad range of technical expertise and skills in negotiation, leadership, team building, and communication. CPM PocketBook is a quick review book for construction professionals to learn project management overview, pre and post-construction RIBA plan of work stages, feasibility studies, procurement, recommended document formats, and occupancy activities. Author Duncan Cartlidge is an experienced expert, former member of the RICS Quantity Surveying and Construction UK World Regional Professional Group Board, and a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Buy Book

2. Construction Management JumpStart:  The First Step to Start Career in CM

This is a perfect book for any construction professionals. If you consider a career in construction management, you should need this book. It explains construction fundamentals and also continuous guidance for completing projects from inception to completion. This book covers not only fundamental principles, how to estimate project costs, but also new technology trends like Building Information Modeling usage and a lot more. Buy Book and Read

3. 8th Edition of Construction Project Management Practical Guide

This book is written by Clough and Sears. CPM practical book guide to learn critical path method of project scheduling. Get Book and Read

4. Building Construction

This is an ultimate guide book for building construction. It covers a lot of areas from construction administration, drawings, specs, detailing tips, schedules, checklists and project management and more. The book explains the basic project management tools and day to day practical issues arising during the project time.  Get Book and Read

5. Green Construction

This is one of the good books to learn sustainable construction and green building-related issues in construction. Buy Book

6. Project Management for Engineering and Construction

This book will guide you to learn the principles and techniques of managing engineering and construction projects from the conceptual stage, through design and post-construction. It is a very good practical guide book for construction managers. Buy Book

7. The Profitable Construction Business

If you want to start a construction company, you have to read this book. It shares detailed about how to avoid contractor failure. When you are reading this book, you can explore serval ungrateful aspects of being construction managers. Buy book 

8. A Constructor’s Perspective

Management of Construction Projects, This project-based learning approach features the skills, knowledge, and techniques that students require to become successful project managers in the construction field. Buy Book

9. Running a Successful Construction Company

The title tells you and book gives good information on the office part of running a construction company. If you are considering either starting a construction company or trying to move up in one, this is the best book for you. Read reviews at Amazon and Buy It 

10. Construction Scheduling: Principles and Practices

This is the best for learning project planning and construction scheduling practices. It covers fundamentals of scheduling and project management along with practical applications and tutorials of the 4 most common scheduling software programs such as Microsoft Project, Primavera Project Planner, SureTrak, and P6 Project Manager. Buy this book

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