Classification of Buildings

The purpose of use or occupancy of a building is a fundamental consideration for the building code. Clients generally share their brainstorming ideas and facility needed and then architect gives shape to reality and grouped the building which is assigned under the code. Buildings are classified into two categories such as based on the occupancy and the type of construction methods.

Building Occupancy Classifications

Every building or portion of land can be classified according to its use or the character of its occupancy as a building of occupancy. They are categorized into the following types.

  1. Agricultural buildings
  2. Residential buildings
  3. Commercial buildings
  4. Educational buildings
  5. Industrial buildings
  6. Government buildings
  7. Military buildings
  8. Religious buildings
  9. Transport buildings
  10. Power plants

The classification of buildings by types of construction

Based on the type of construction buildings are classified into five categories.

  1. Fire resistive buildings (Type 1A, 1B)
  2. Non-Combustible buildings (Type 2A, 2B)
  3. Ordinary Buildings (Type 3A, 3B)
  4. Heavy timber buildings (Type 4)
  5. Wood framed buildings (Type 5A, 5 B)


Types of Construction Contracts

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