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    Top 5 Trends for the Construction Industry in 2017

    Analysts predicting 2017 can be another challenging year for the construction sectors. Construction experts are optimistic about what dominating the industry this year. The construction industry is evolving and changing into a fast-paced business keeping up with new technology and finding the solution to labour shortages. However, many professionals hope that will bring strong demand […] More

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    5 of the Best Construction Accounting Management Software

    Choosing a right construction accounting software is important for running the successful construction business and accounting department work more efficiently. Many small and medium size contractors seek help for managing their finances. But other construction contractors rely on accounting tools to keep tract of their expenses and budgets. Here, I have a collected best construction […] More

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    Grillage Foundation

    Grillage Foundation design is applied for heavy structural loads from columns, piers or beams are required to transfer bearing capacity of a soil comparatively poor. The grillage foundation helps in distributing the load over a wider area of the subsoil. This foundation helps in avoiding deep excavations as the necessary base area is provided for […] More

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    Quantity Surveyor Roles and Responsibilities in Pre-Contract and Post Contract Stage

    This article is going to analyse quantity surveyor roles and responsibilities. Also roles and responsibilities of a quantity surveyor in pre-contract stage and post-contract stage. The Modern Quantity Surveyor’s role is expanding to create a wide range of job qs titles and responsibilities. Instead of traditional Quantity Surveyor duties such as measure materials and trade […] More

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    Variations in Construction Contracts

    The construction industry is dynamic because of the ever-changing demands of the clientele. The industry is divided into a large number of diversified branches involving cross-integration with a number of other disciplines. Any given construction project, be it big or small, involves complex information, comprehensive arrangements, and collaborations within a number of parties.  This adversarial […] More

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    Type of Estimates

    The quantity surveyor, civil engineer or project manager use different methods of estimating in the early stages of cost planning. It depends on reliable historical cost data whereas an analytical approach to estimating is based on applying current prices for resources to a well-developed design. A contractor may use a combination of estimating methods in […] More

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